Agency of Customs Logistics assumes the whole range of problems and responsibilities related to the organization of import foreign trade deals.
Our customers on the territory of the countries of the Customs Union, know exactly what kind of goods they need to purchase abroad on conditions EXW/FCA.

We offer to our customers use following technology of organization and implement of the import deal:
  1. Based on the known price of the goods (delivery terms EXW/FCA-producer) calculates the total cost of the import deal (delivery terms DDU-enterprise customer).
  2. Formed draft foreign trade contract and its terms are consistent with foreign manufacturer.
  3. Based on terms of foreign trade contract formed supply contract with the terms identical foreign trade contract.
  4. After signing the supply contract between Customer and the LLC "Agency of Customs Logistics", foreign trade contract is signed between the LLC "Agency of Customs Logistics" and foreign manufacturer.
  5. After securing financing for the production (procurement) of imported goods by the customer, "Agency of Customs Logistics" orders (purchase) goods from a foreign manufacturer, obtain all necessary regulatory approvals for the import of the goods; make insurance and delivery finished goods.
  6. Makes all necessary custom formalities in the country of origin and in countries of the Customs Union.
  7. As agreed in the supply contract delivery dates delivers the goods to the customer in a certain place.
  8. Hand over the goods to the customer, accompanied by a full set of shipping and accounting documents

Documents which necessary for import customs formalities:
  1. Contract with additional agreements, specifications, appendixes;
  2. Bank passport of import deal;;
  3. Invoice with bank details of seller and buyer, contract number and date, value of goods and terms of delivery;
  4. Payment documents for import goods: order for transfer money, SWIFT and bank statement;
  5. Originals of orders for transfer customs payments;;
  6. Certifications, declarations of conformity, license, other permits;
  7. Packing list with weight info (netto, brutto), quantity of pallets and goods name;
  8. Other documents according with terms of contract and delivery. For example:
    * bill of lading (for sea shipments);
    * insurance policy;
    * advanced payment documents;
    * invoice and contract for transportation.
  9. Documents for customs value confirmation:
    * transport and insurance documents;
    * invoice for transport.
  10. Custom can request additional information and documents:
    * customs declaration country of origin;
    * contracts with third-party companies which are involved in deal;
    * invoices for third-party companies in favor of the seller;
    * invoices for commissions, broker service which are involved in deal;
    * accounting documents;
    * license and copyright agreements;
    * export (import) license;
    * warehouse bills;
    * order for goods;
    * catalogs, specifications, price-lists of import manufactures;
    * costs of production (if the manufacture agree show it to buyer);
    * commercial, customs and payments documents for the same goods, invoices, delivery notes, costs calculations, price-lists;
    * other documents which can be used to confirm data of custom value.